JV’s – Work With Us

We can fund your property deals. If you have found a suitable property to renovate but lack the funds to purchase, we may be able to help you and work with you.

KME Property often works with other investors as it is more financially and time efficient. It is also far more fun and educational than working alone. You can benefit from our professionals contacts, experience and know-how.

KME Property have built up a good relationship and work closely with numerous trades….builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers and other specialist contractors.

We also have access to trusted and a well tested team of professional financial consultants, brokers, planning consultants, architects, structural engineers and solicitors.

Property is a fluid business and we are always looking to work with people and private funds. If you are a high new worth individual, please contact us for further details of how we will work together to get a  better return on your money than you are now.