Sell Your Property Fast

If you have a property that you wish to sell quickly please contact us. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. We will consider any property, in any location, in any condition.

You may find yourself wanting to sell your property quickly, due to financial difficulties, marital breakdown, job relocation, retirement, end of mortgage term, etc. Or perhaps, there is an issue with your property you cannot afford to fix.

We have experience in finding solutions that work for you. In most cases we can make a sensible and fair cash offer within 48 hours. If you are happy with that offer, and you need to move fast, we may be able to complete the sale within 14 days. Where we cannot make an offer, we are usually able to find some other solution that will help you, often at no cost to yourself.

The owners of KME Property have been renovating tired and rundown properties for many years. We pride ourselves on turning empty properties into happy homes for both home owners and those who choose to rent.

CONTACT US NOW! for a no obligation informal chat.